how come that you paint with biros and highlighters?

 i was bored to death by tv programmes. so i decided to paint a little. the biro came next. i took the cover from swingout sister's "lala (means i love you)" and painted it. in a search for colours i discovered my highlighters which i then used. the rest is history.


are all the people you paint famous persons?

well, it’s always funny to see which people are recognised easily or not. most of the persons i paint are famous, but there are even some portraits of my friends.


is your biro art really painted with biros? sometimes it looks like you used other painting materials.

yes. i mostly use blue biros, but recently i have also used black biros.


is it possible to paint with higlighters?

sure. but as paper absorbs the highlighter-colour extremely, i need a lot of highlighters.


is the red colour you use really a highlighter? it rather looks like a felt-tip pen.

yes, it is. i found this colour most recently by accident and was happy to find a new highlighter shade. this red enables a lot effects which weren’t possible before.


is it possible to buy your works?

yes. as prints or as t-shirts. or the originals, also. if you want to buy any work, please contact me.


is it possible to exhibit fel’art works?

of course. just contact me for further details.

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